Healthcare's New Crystal Ball



The practice of evidence-based medicine relies on accurate, timely information. Without this information, patient care and outcomes suffer.

Clarity receives raw healthcare data and translates it into life saving information while reporting it back to the provider in real-time on an easy to read dashboard.

Clarity makes diagnosis and treatment faster and more successful the first time.

What is Clarity?

About Us

Clarity is a Medical Software platform that provides increased efficiencies & improved accuracy for treating patients throughout the entire healthcare system.

A 2017 study published in Annals of Internal Medicine found that doctors spend 3x as much time with computers as they do patients.

Clarity delivers a unique, real-time diagnostic tool to healthcare providers & organizations. Clarity can assist in reducing risk and improving patient outcomes by integrating into everyday clinical care.

government health plans

Government Health Plans

Many changes over the past several years have caused management of Government Health Plans to become more difficult. Clarity provides solutions to help improve the following areas:
  • Drive compliance for both the patient & doctor in a clinic or hospital setting
  • Patient-centered risk assessments to improve the quality of care across the board
  • Benchmarking & Data Mining to standardize best practices & develop policies
  • Improved efficiencies & cost savings through the full cycle of patient care
  • Solutions to move from a fee-for-service to value-based approach to healthcare
  • Navigating a system that is shifting from volume to value and the implications of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA)
medical providers

Medical Providers

Over the past several years Medical Providers have seen a significant change in how they manage their practice and patients. Reduced reimbursements and increased demands for documentation has created the opportunity for improved efficiencies and real-time tools to improve patient outcomes.

Benefits of incorporating Clarity software into a physician’s practice:
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Mitigated Risk
  • Move towards a Value-Based Care
  • More effectively manage new & existing patients
EHR companies

EHR Companies

As government regulation has continued to expand the need for practices to incorporate EHR systems into practices, so has the need to improve efficiencies & increase patient-provider engagement. Clarity allows for integration within EHR Systems which allows for:
  • Reduced patient wait times within the office
  • Real-time risk diagnostic results prior to patient visit
  • Personalized treatment through interactive software
  • Move clinics and providers to a more value-based approach to healthcare
medical laboratories

Medical Providers

With the reduction in patient-to-doctor interaction, the demand for real-time clinical information is at an all-time high. Providers are being forced to see more patients and input significantly more time into EHR systems than ever before.

Clarity provides a solution to improve the way the diagnostic data is delivered to healthcare professionals. Medical Laboratories can:

  • Unique interface for healthcare professionals to use clinical data
  • Real-Time delivery of lab results
  • Data Delivery system available in a mobile application
  • Availability to streamline across multiple locations within a health system
  • Drives compliance for patients requiring additional monitoring


Drug prices in the United States are too high and continue to skyrocket. The unsustainable cost of prescription drugs not only puts pressure on the health care system but increasingly; patients, employers, and providers are paying prices that are too high.

  • Prescription spending is growing faster than any other part of the health care dollar
  • 4 Billion Prescriptions filled Annually
  • 50-75% response rate for those medications

Pharmacists are uniquely qualified to help patients and healthcare providers offer the best solutions to meet their medication needs. Clarity provides a unique tool to improve the quality of care by delivering real-time clinical data, which helps with the following:

  • Customized treatment plan with real-time clinical data unique to each patient
  • Reduced medication errors
  • Personalized Medicine approach delivered from the clinic and continued through medication delivery from a pharmacy or mail-order

Features Overview

Clarity is supported on multiple device formats and works easily on your computer, phone, or tablet. Our responsive layout is designed to give you the most relevant information in the least number of clicks. Become more informed about your patient's healthcare using these incredible tools:



Everything you need to know about a patient's chart in easy-to-read color coded segments. See their last date of testing, critical results and a generalized assessment at a glance.


Built using CDC and CMS guidelines, the included compliance engine will give you peace of mind for opioid prescriptions. Automatic patient enrollment and assessment send outs assist you in helping to fight the disease of addiction in your patients.




Utilize cutting edge genetic technology with the "Good for Life" interactive Gen4Life tool. Easy to understand icons indicate what medications work for your patients and which don't. View alternate drugs and swap them in real time to find a prescription plan that works before your patient takes a single pill.


Clarity makes it easy to roll its features into your EMR system of choice. Single click download allows you to grab multiple results at once, organized by patient and time of visit, to upload into your EMR system and the patient's medical charts.